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eFootball Tournament

Tournois communautaire sur PES !
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1st and 8th days: from Tuesday 31/08 to Monday 06/09 (All English teams)
2nd and 9th days: from Tuesday 07/09 to Monday 13/09 (All Italian teams)
3rd and 10th days: from Tuesday 14/09 to Monday 20/09 (All Spanish teams)
4th and 11th days: from Tuesday 21/09 to Monday 27/09 (All national teams)
5th and 12th days: from Tuesday 28/09 to Monday 04/10 (Only 4*)
6th and 13th days: from Tuesday 05/10 to Monday 11/10 (Only 5*)
7th and 14th days: from Tuesday 12/10 to Monday 18/10 (Only team)
The home team pick their team first.
Both teams cannot have the same team.
You cannot choose the same team twice on the same day
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