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Tournois communautaire sur PES !
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Tournament Rules:
1. Game Time:
The games are to be played on Monday at 22:30 CET.However, if the two captains agree, the match can take placeat another time but on the scheduled dates.
If the two captains do not agree, the date of Monday 22h30CET remains of application.So prepare your meeting week in advance especially if youdon’t think you can play on Monday 22:30 CET.

2. Schedule:
The dates will run from Tuesday to Monday, and the matchwill have to be played on Monday evening at 22:30 French time with the possibility for the captains to agree to play before (see rule 1)
If a team does not show up, it will forfeit. You aretherefore asked to keep evidence of your discussions between captains.

3. Joker:
Each team is entitled to 2 jokers per season, in which case the organisation will decide on the time allowed to play the game. The application must be submitted before 16:00 on the day ofthe match by notifying both the organisation and the opposing team. If all the conditions or if the 2 jokers have already beenused, the absent team will be considered responsible and lose the match by forfeit.

4. Pre-game Rules When the game time is set, whether it is the official time or another appointment made between the two captains, the receiving team must have prepared the room for the scheduled time.
Then she must have invited the opposing captain within 10minutes. Once the captain enters the room, he has 15 minutes togather his players (with a minimum of 8 as included in the rules).
If after 15 minutes, the team has not gathered a minimum of8 players it will forfeit for the first game, the team will have again 15
minutes to reach its minimum number of players and if despite everything, the players have not arrived in sufficient, the team also lose its second game.

5. Game Rules:
A) Game roomsettings:
Duration: 15 minutes
Time: Long
All players: yes
Injury: yes
Weather: Dry
Extension: no
Penalty: no
Lawn: normal
B) Conduct of theGame
The team that so desires can play at 11 with a player fixed on the goalkeeper. It takes a minimum of 8 players to start the game. In all cases, only one player is allowed to select anyplayer. At the start of the game, if a team makes a mistake, theyare allowed to request the restart only once per night. If she is wrong again,
she will have to play her match or forfeit.
During the match, insults and provocations are strictly prohibited, if a team commits one of these actions, it will automatically forfeit and the player who committed the offense sanctioned 3 matches the first time and definitively excluded the second time. If a team inherits a free-kick, the opponent is not allowed to interfere with the goalkeeper by going near the goalkeeper. If a player does, the team will lose the forfeit game.If one of the teams does not respect its rules, it willforfeit and will therefore suffer a defeat 3 to 0.
6. Package:If a team loses a group match, it will lose the entire groupphase in order not to favour one or the other team.
7. List of players:
A list of players must be submitted by 30/08 at the latest in the corresponding Discord groups. It must be composed of a minimum of 15 players.
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