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Tournois communautaire sur PES !
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Schedule: 1st and 10th days: (Juve, Barça, Liverpool and Manchester City)
From Monday 23/08 to Sunday 29/08
2nd and 11th days: (Spain, Germany, England and Argentina)
From Monday 30/08 to Sunday 05/09
3rd and 12th days: (Lyon, Arsenal, Atalanta and Villareal)
From Monday 06/09 to Sunday 12/09
4th and 13th Days: (Italy, France, Belgium and Portugal)
From Monday 13/09 to Sunday 19/09
5th and 14th days: (PSG, Bayern, Chelsea and Real)
From Monday 20/09 to Sunday 26/09
6th and 15th days: (Brazil, Italy, Argentina and France)
From Monday 27/09 to Sunday 03/10
7th and 16th days: (Manchester United, Juve, Real and Tottenham)
From Monday 04/10 to Sunday 10/10
8th and 17th days: (Spain, Belgium, England and Portugal)
From Monday 11/10 to Sunday 17/10
9th and 18th days: (teams of choice in 4.5*)
From Monday 18/10 to Sunday 24/10
Warning !
If the players do not know how to agree on a day and an hour of match in advance, it should take place on Wednesday evening at 21:30.
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